How to Replace Batteries in a Touchless Faucet?

, I know, the thought of plumbing work can be intimidating. But trust me, replacing batteries in a touchless faucet is a breeze! With the right tools and a little know-how, you’ll have your faucet back up and running in no time

Alright, your trusty touchless faucet has been your kitchen MVP for a while now, making life a little easier and more hygienic with just a wave of your hand. But lately, it seems to be faltering, not responding quite as quickly as it used to. Don’t panic; it’s probably just time to replace those batteries.

I know, I know, the thought of plumbing work can be intimidating. But trust me, replacing batteries in a touchless faucet is a breeze! With the right tools and a little know-how, you’ll have your faucet back up and running in no time. And the best part? You don’t need to call in a plumber, saving you time and money.

 Let’s get started.

Indicators of Battery Replacement

There are a few signs that it’s time to swap out those batteries. For starters, if your faucet’s not even giving you a drop of water or if it’s running like a broken hose, that’s a pretty good sign. 

If your touchless faucet is blinking red light on the Sensor, it means your batteries are draining quickly; it’s time to replace the batteries. Most faucets use AAA batteries, which can be easily replaced by removing any screws around the lever and replacing the batteries.

Now, here’s the thing. If the battery voltage is low, like way below 5.9V, that means the pilot valve is clogged with dirt or debris. 

But if the voltage is close to 6.2V, don’t just assume it’s fine. Give it a test with a cable to see if the Sensor is the real culprit. And if you’re draining your batteries faster, than that’s another sign that it’s time for a sensor replacement.

So, what do you need to know about replacing those batteries?

To replace batteries in a touchless faucet, check for AAA battery type and remove screws under the faucet near the lever. Replace batteries and look for a flashing blue light in the Ready Sensor near the base of the spout to confirm all is working.Now, And the average lifespan of a battery in a touchless faucet is around 1 to 2 years. 

So, don’t be caught off guard; make sure to keep an eye out for those signs I mentioned. And when it’s time, get those batteries swapped out as soon as possible.

Materials Needed for Battery Replacement


Here’s what you’ll need to get the job done:

A screwdriver 

Ain’t no kitchen faucet battery swap happening without this bad boy. It’s gonna be your wingman in removing those stubborn screws securing the battery case.

A clean and dry cloth 

 Before you dive into battery replacement, you got  to make sure the surface is spotless and dry. Ain’t nobody got time for slip-ups or short-circuits

Fresh batteries

Time to say goodbye to those dead batteries and hello to a new set. Just make sure you get the right type for your faucet, don’t want any misfits or mismatches happening.

Step-by-Step Guide to Replacing Touchless Kitchen Faucet Batteries

Draining Your Sink Area

Before you get started with swapping out those batteries, you got to make sure the sink area is drained. I mean, you don’t want to have a mini flood in your kitchen, right?. So, do yourself a favor and turn off the water supply and drain any excess water in the sink.

And while you’re at it, grab a towel and place it under the faucet to catch any drips. Better safe than sorry, I always say! With the sink area drained and a trusty towel in place, you’re ready to tackle the battery replacement with ease. Just remember, taking the time to drain the sink will save you headaches and clean-up in the long run.

Locating the Battery Back in a Touchless Faucet:

To replace the batteries in a touchless faucet, the first step is to locate the battery back. This can usually be found by searching for a removable panel at the base of the faucet, the sides, or the top. If it is not immediately visible, refer to the manual or search online for the model number to find its location.

Removing the Screws and Covering

To remove the screws and to cover from a touchless faucet battery case, follow these steps:

1. Locate the battery case at the bottom of the faucet and identify any stickers or signs (- or +) on the case to determine battery orientation.

2. Use a screwdriver to loosen and remove the screws securing the battery case.

3.Carefully lift off the cover to reveal the batteries inside.

Remember to be cautious while handling the screws and cover to avoid any damage to the faucet.

 Identifying the Faucet Battery Cases

The faucet battery cases are critical components of the touchless kitchen faucet system, and proper identification is essential to ensure proper battery replacement.

Before beginning the battery replacement process, locate the control panel of the faucet, which is typically found under the sink. Identify the battery cases by their shape, size, and number of batteries required for the specific model of your faucet.

 Inserting the New Batteries

With the battery cases identified, the next step is to insert the new batteries. Be sure to use the correct type of battery recommended by the manufacturer and observe the correct orientation, as indicated by the positive and negative symbols on the battery case and the batteries themselves. 

 Placing the Battery Covers

After inserting the new batteries, it is time to place the battery cover back onto the control panel. Ensure that the cover is securely fastened to prevent any water damage or battery failure.

 Placing the Temperature Lever Back into Position

The final step in the battery replacement process is to place the temperature lever back into its proper position. This will ensure that the touchless faucet operates correctly and that the water temperature can be adjusted as needed.

How to Change Batteries in a Moen Touchless Faucet

To swap out the batteries in your Moen touchless faucet, you’ll need to first find the battery pack tucked away in the cabinet under the sink. Once you’ve located it, you can simply pop open the lid of the battery pack and remove the old batteries. Replace them with fresh AA batteries – you’ll need a total of six for the Moen Motion Sense touchless faucet.

After installing the new batteries, close the lid of the battery pack and test the faucet to make sure it’s functioning as expected. If you’re having issues, look for a reset button near the battery compartment. Push it to reset the faucet and try again. Keep in mind that not all touchless faucets have reset buttons, so if you don’t see one, try adjusting the batteries or realigning them in the compartment instead

How to Change Batteries in a Delta Touch Faucet

Start by locating the battery pack underneath the sink in the cabinet. Then open the lid of the battery pack and remove the old batteries. Depending on the model of your Delta Touch faucet, you may need four AA batteries or six AA batteries.

Insert the new batteries into the battery pack and make sure they are properly aligned together. Then, you’ll want to reset the faucet’s functions by activating the reset button.
And, remember that not all Delta Touch faucets have reset buttons, so you may need to consult the user manual if you’re not sure where to find it.

And, If you want a long-term solution, you can purchase an A/C power supply adapter to replace the battery pack. This will provide consistent power from an outlet and eliminate the need to change batteries in the future.

Precautions You Should Take When Installing the New Batteries

1. Always check that you’re using the right type of battery. Don’t go rogue and use a different type just because you think it might work. That’s a recipe for disaster.

2. Before you start installing the batteries, you should always turn off the water supply to the faucet because No one wants to deal with a surprise leak or splash of water while they’re trying to get the job done.

3. Don’t try to recharge or reuse the old batteries – that’s a big no-no.

Remember, taking these precautions is crucial to ensure that your touchless faucet is working correctly and efficiently.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, replacing batteries in a touchless faucets may initially seem confusing, but it’s a straightforward process. All you need some basic tools, and a new set of batteries. With a little patience, focus, and care, anyone can replace their touchless faucet’s batteries and keep it running smoothly for years to come.


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