Moen vs Delta Faucets Comparison

How can you tell the difference between Moen and Delta? Is one brand more expensive than the other? In this blog post, we’ll take a closer look at Moen vs Delta kitchen faucets and compare their features, finishes, models, warranties, and more.

When it comes to choosing the perfect kitchen faucet, two names that come up often are Moen and Delta. As two of the most well-known brands in the faucet industry, both Moen and Delta have a reputation for producing high-quality, reliable faucets with innovative kitchen faucet features.

Both brands manufacture faucets, including bathroom faucets, touchless kitchen faucets, and conventional faucets with amazing finishes like brushed nickel and oil-rubbed bronze.

But how can you tell the difference between Moen and Delta? Is one brand more expensive than the other? And most importantly, which brand comes out on top?

In this blog post, we’ll take a closer look at Moen vs Delta kitchen faucets and compare their features, finishes, models, warranties, and more.

By the end of this post, you’ll have a better idea of which brand is right for your current kitchen faucet setup. So let’s dive in and see who wins the Moen vs Delta war.


Moen is a brand that has been around for more than 80 years, and they specialize in creating bathroom and kitchen fixtures. They’re known for their single-handle faucet designs, which have been popular for decades. The company was founded in 1956 by al moen and is now part of Fortune Brands Home & Security with offices in Ohio

Their products are highly regarded for their innovative designs, and they’ve received countless awards over the years. Moen is also known for using high-quality materials and providing exceptional durability in their products.

One of the most interesting things about Moen is that they used the same basic water-controlling cartridge from the 1960s until 2010. This shows how their products are built to last, and their focus on innovation is impressive.

Whether you’re looking for a classic faucet or a super high-tech shower system, Moen has got you covered.


On the other hand, Delta is a company that’s been in business for almost 100 years and has a reputation for producing high-quality, durable faucets with innovative features and designs.

Their mission is to create lasting change inside homes by transforming daily life through how people interact with their water. Their faucets are designed to be easy to use, easy to maintain, and long-lasting.

Delta is also known for standing behind their products, with almost all their faucets coming with a limited lifetime warranty, and they provide top-notch customer care services to their consumers.

DELTA vs MOEN kitchen faucets – Comparison


When it comes to pricing, both Delta and Moen offer a wide range of products that can fit any budget. Delta is known for being one of the most affordable faucet brands on the market, with many options available for under $50.

Moen’s pricing is slightly higher, with some options available for around $70. However, both brands offer higher-end options that can cost over $500. Overall, if you’re looking for affordability, Delta may be the better choice.


Both Delta and Moen offer a wide range of faucet designs, from traditional to modern. Delta’s designs tend to be more simple and minimalist, with a focus on functionality.

Moen, on the other hand, offers more decorative and intricate designs that can add a touch of elegance to any bathroom or kitchen.

Overall, it comes down to personal preference, but if you’re looking for a more decorative faucet, Moen may be the better choice.


Both Delta and Moen offer easy-to-install faucets that come with complete installation kits equipped with all necessary components. Delta’s faucets feature a patented “DIAMOND Seal Technology” that ensures a leak-free installation and longer-lasting durability.

Moen’s faucets come with the “Moen Reflex System,” which offers smooth and easy operation. Overall, both brands offer user-friendly installation processes, but Delta’s patented technology may offer slightly better durability.


Both Delta and Moen smart kitchen faucets offer a variety of technological features, such as touch or touchless faucet, pull-down or spray head options, and smart faucets that can be controlled by voice or through smartphone apps. Delta’s “Touch2O Technology” allows for easy touch activation,

While Moen’s “U by Moen Smart Faucet” can be controlled through a smartphone app.

Overall, it comes down to personal preference, but if you’re looking for advanced technology, Moen may be the better choice.

Finishes and colors

Moen and Delta both offer a wide range of finishes and colors to choose from, ensuring that customers can find the perfect faucet to match their bathroom or kitchen décor.

Moen’s finishes include Chrome, Brushed Nickel, Matte Black, Oil-Rubbed Bronze, and more. Meanwhile, Delta’s finishes range from Stainless Steel, Champagne Bronze, Venetian Bronze, and Matte Black.

Moen’s faucets have an impressive and durable finish that resists corrosion and tarnishing, ensuring that your faucet will look new for years to come. Delta’s faucets are designed to be resistant to fingerprints and water spots, making them easier to clean and maintain.

In terms of colors, Moen offers traditional finishes like Chrome and Brushed Nickel faucets, but also has unique options like Matte Black and Oil Rubbed Bronze.

Delta , on the other hand, offers a wide range of finishes, including Champagne Bronze and Venetian Bronze, which provide a luxurious and unique touch.

While both brands offer a good selection of finishes and colors, Delta faucet has more unique finishes that make their faucets stand out.


Moen, Delta, and Kohler are all reputable faucet brands that offer a diverse range of models to choose from. However, Moen takes the lead with an impressive selection of nearly 900 options, showcasing their commitment to innovation and variety.

When it comes to kitchen faucets, Moen stands out with over 450 options, including a variety of specialty faucets for laundry and bar areas.

Delta, on the other hand, has a strong offering in bathroom faucets with over 400 models available.

While Delta and offer a decent selection of faucet models, But Moen’s extensive range gives consumers the most flexibility and choice in finding the perfect faucet for their home. With nearly 900 options across different categories, Moen clearly prioritizes meeting the needs and preferences of their customers.


Both Moen and Delta offer limited lifetime warranties on their faucets. Moen’s warranty covers any defects in materials and workmanship for the life of the product.

Delta’s warranty also covers defects in materials and workmanship, but only for the original owner of the faucet. If any issues arise during the warranty period, both brands provide free replacement parts and repair services.

While both brands offer a similar warranty, Moen’s warranty is more comprehensive, covering the product’s entire lifespan. Delta’s warranty only applies to the original owner, which may be a disadvantage for customers who plan to resell their homes in the future.

Overall, Moen has a better warranty policy, making it a more reliable and trustworthy brand for customers.

CONCLUSION: Moen vs Delta Faucets

In conclusion, after reviewing and comparing Moen and Delta faucets in terms of price, design, technology, finishes and colors, models, and warranty, we have come to the conclusion that Delta is the clear winner. Ultimately, the best choice for you will depend on your specific needs and preferences.

  • MOEN: BEST for Touchless Faucets, with over 450 more options, luxury faucets, and more comprehensive warranty
  • DELTA: BEST for touch-on faucets and cheaper options, and easy install. They’re also offers a wide range of finishes.


Are Moen and Delta interchangeable?

n general, Moen and Delta faucets are not interchangeable. While they may have similar features and functionality, their internal components and installation requirements may differ.

It is important to check the specifications and compatibility of any faucet before attempting to install or replace it.

Additionally, using non-compatible parts or components can result in leaks, damage to the faucet or plumbing, and potentially void the warranty. 

Do plumbers prefer Delta faucets?

Delta faucets are generally well-regarded in the plumbing industry, and many plumbers prefer them for their quality and reliability.

What brand faucet do plumbers recommend?

While different plumbers may have their own preferences, many recommend Delta and Moen faucets for their durability, innovation, and range of features.

How can you tell the difference between Moen and Delta?

Moen and Delta faucets can be differentiated by their designs, features, and finishes. Moen faucets often have a more traditional and elegant look, while Delta faucets tend to be more modern and innovative.

Are Delta kitchen faucet is of good quality?

Yes, Delta faucets are known for their high quality, durability, and innovative features, making them a popular choice among consumers and plumbers alike.

Is Moen and Delta the same?

No, Moen and Delta are two separate brands that manufacture faucets and other bathroom and kitchen appliances. They may have some similarities in terms of features and technology, but they have their own unique designs and product lines.

Is Moen faucet more expensive than Delta faucet?

It depends on the specific models and features of the faucets being compared. In general, Moen faucets tend to be priced higher than Delta faucets, but both brands offer a range of products at different price points to accommodate different budgets.


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